When you think of cool a couple of names come to mind but none has the prestige and longevity of James Bond aka “007”. Just the mention of  his name is associated with the coolest high tech gadgets, the most luxurious cars, the most beautiful women, the best suits, the best lines, and confidence. I can go on and on. In one word he’s “cool” and most men wouldn’t hesitate to step in this iconic’s shoes for even 15 seconds. Heck even most women wouldn’t mind being hand in hand with the coolest man in the world. Most recently Dos Equis has launched a very successful marketing campaign that has the feel of a Bond like iconic character known as the most interesting man in the world. His “Stay Thirsty My Friends” line has now made this make believe character famous. Back to Bond, this recipe of coolness has been 50 years in the making. For more on that watch the video below.

Designing Bond’s Look from Barbican Centre on Vimeo.

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I Found the End of the Rainbow

What’s at the end of your rainbow

I took a picture of this beautiful rainbow as I was driving on H1 toward Honolulu.  The exact location is the Pearl City off ramp if you were driving westbound on H1.  To my right is beautiful Pearl Harbor.  I believe I found the end of the rainbow, this picture put in perspective what the end of the rainbow means to me, the question is what does it mean to you?

We all hear stories about Leprechauns and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Are you looking for a pot of gold? I believe this is an analogy about what we are looking for in life. With the price of gold these days it might make sense to literally want that pot of gold.

I see it as an analogy but with a small understanding of commodities and inflation the old adage of gold serving as an asset is more true today as it was 400 years when the story of Leprechauns and pots of gold were first told as stories. My advice to anyone is that the real value is within yourself, do create a pot of gold, give it some symbolism, keep dreaming but more important keep moving toward it. Knowledge is the most valuable commodity, but it must be knowledge that is put to use. Knowledge that benefits others more than it benefits you. That is the real value, if it can be cast upon the waters and feed 2,000 then such bread is of the most value, food for thought.  Everyday is a new beginning, we’ve all had our ups and downs. Live for today but look at your past victories & losses as lessons. What did you learn from them? Dissect them to help you overcome your present challenges, don’t use them as an excuse or something to live in because we can’t go back in the past. What’s done is done, move on. Another point is that you can’t change something until you take full responsibility for it. No matter how much you may feel the victim of any situation, you can’t have power over it until you assume full responsibility, only then you can start to change it. Its our life correct, so imagine saying that you don’t take responsibility for it, its absurd. Take charge now, be in control no matter how much it may seem like we have no control. It is a chaotic world but think about it, out of all this chaos there is the amazing thing called LIFE. You are alive, take a deep breath, feel that air in your lungs, put your hand upon your breast and feel your heart beating. You are alive, you are in spite of all the chaos in the universe. In all the universe there is only one YOU. Go forth and claim your pot of gold it is your duty, it is promised to you but you must go forth dream, search, and discover.

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Election Year 2012-Hawaii

Do you care about this 4 letter word? VOTE


One of the hot topics this year is politics.  We have a presidential election, senatorial elections, and local state elections for various positions such as Honolulu Major.  Regardless if you are on the right, the left, or the middle.  Everyone has an opnion.  Many may feel dissolusioned and simply don’t care for it.  If you are a citizen and over 18 years of age, you should care,  because you are a vote.  Being a veteran that vote to me means the freedom that me and my fellow comrades fight and die for.  That vote represents something bigger than any political party or issue.

Take the time to engage in the process and learn about the many challenges facing our nation such as job creation, debt, security, education, social programs, and the environment to name a few.   We can each be a part of the solution.  These problems didn’t create themselves and they certainly can’t solve themselves, so its up to us to bring about the results we want.

Its going to take hard work, time, money, and patience.  At the end of th day its up to us for our children and the future of our great nation.  In Hawaii there are several candidates running for the senate.  They are all great candidates who care about these issues and the well being of the state.  One candidate that stands out in  my opinion is former Governor Linda Lingle.  She has a clear and honest vision of what steps are needed to move us forward.

Her campaign focuses on addressing the real issues all citizens are concerned about and they are the economy, jobs, reducing regulations, immigration, tourism, education, and national security.  I know most Hawaii and US citizens care about these issues.  Before you decide on the left, the right, the middle or if you don’t have an opinion.  Get involved in the democratic process.  Make your voice and your vote count.


Please excuse the grammar, I’m obviously not a professional writer, just a regular guy that blogs once in a while.  I hope to see you this Friday.

my blog is my own personal opinions and may not be the opions of groups or organizations mentioned.


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Year of the Dragon Feb 4, 2012

Its the year of the dragon and here is a cool picture of a lady painting dragons on some canoes. We live in Hawaii and can see the effects of this rising dragon being China.  In the 80’s we felt the influence of Japan in this decade, its China and 2012 is the year of the Dragon.  In the near future we can see more and more tourists visiting Hawaii from China.  Don’t wait until they are at our doorsteps wanting our business.  The time is now to prepare and many of the lessons learned from our Japanese visitors would be a great place to start.  Remember “Luck” is where preparation and opportunity meet.

Year of the Dragon

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Re-Inventing the Soda Tab

I recently purchased a can of Monster energy drink and what caught my attention was the cap. Most aluminum cans have a pop can top that is non resealable.

Old School Soda Tab

Old School Soda Tab

The new take on the soda tab by Monster is simply brilliant. They have taken advantage of and are revolutionizing the soda can tab. Their redesign is a bit more expensive but a definite benefit to the consumer. Not only that but it comes with a cool sticker. It blows away the old style soda tab.

One of the problems was that once you opened a typical tab soda can, you couldn’t reseal it and was prone to spills, or pesky bugs that would find their way in there attracted by the sweet sugar. I actually once had the experience of having a bee come out of my can as I was about to sip it. Not a good thing if you are allergic to them and go into anaphylactic shock, that’s a bit extreme but you get the point.

I also just read on Quierosaber’s Blog on how the old style soda tabs often get accidentally swallowed by kids, resulting in a visit to the emergency room.

The good news i how Monster turned this into a marketing mega hit in my opinion.

Cool New Soda Tab

New School Soda Tab

Before I opened the can I had to take the sticker off, which served two purposes. One was to keep the can from accidentally becoming unsealed and the other was to continue the branding of the product. Once I took the sticker off I didn’t want to throw it away, so guess what I did? I put it on the back of my cell phone. This was like an almost automatic process. Do you know how many people have cell phones and what is the one thing people always have on them? You guessed it, a cell phone and guess what people are always on, you guessed it again.

User friendly soda tab

New School Soda Tab

effective marketing

Effective Marketing

Do you see how huge this is, not only does the brand continue to brand itself long after the drink is consumed but every time someone takes out their cell phone.  Not everyone is going to put it on their cell phone but its a likely place.  This wasn’t atypical of me. Yesterday I was at a table having a slice of pizza with one of my co-workers and he was on his cell phone.  Can you guess what was on the back of it?  That’s right,  a monster sticker just like one on the back of mine. My hat is off to the creative genius behind this marketing campaign. Once again its more than offering a convenient alternative to the tab for the customer but also seizing the opportunity for some creative marketing. As marketers we can definitely learn something from Monster’s approach to redefining the soda tab. Its a win/win proposition all the way around.

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What Does Your Marketing Message Say?

North Shore Hawaii

Its not dangerous if you know what you are doing

With our busy lives people want us to get to the point.  Our attention span is about a mili second.  Failure to get right to the bottom line and you’ve wasted my time.  All day long we get bombarded by messages trying to compete for our attention in a crowded world.  Silence is a commodity these days.  We complain and yet if we are without our tech devices we start hyperventilating.  Stop for a minute and look up from your tweeting, or facebook updates and what will you notice?  Everyone around you either has a smartphone or is doing what you were just doing, pretty scary huh.

Honolulu Hawaii ProBowl at Aloha Stadium

Its loud and its crowded. How will you be heard?

Well we can’t have it both ways it just comes with the territory of being connected to the web and now a days it goes practically everywhere with us.  Its an addiction, like an oral fixation and you can take that in whatever direction your imagination chooses to.  So my point is that everyone is connected and if you are a marketer you need to stand out from the noise.  I just read this interesting ebook that nails it right on the head.  I found out about it from the current book i’m reading which i am thoroughly enjoying and revamping my marketing approach.  Its called World Wide Rave and how to create ideas that speak to your audience not about what you sell but about how it fits them because you’ve taken the time to know your audience and they know you know them because they understand what you are saying.  The book gives an exaple of a guy who created a world wide rave by writing and ebook about Apple.  Mike Chazin was a marketing and sales guy for Apple for over a decade.  He breaks it down into a 5 point formula for Apple’s extraordinary success in making its products the most valuable and popular brand in the world.  I’m sure I’ve got your attention now.  Well go check it out and best of all its free for download at  Its easy to read just like Apple products are easy to use.

Clear and concise

Make it easy to undertand, less is more.

I’ve been on a marketing binge lately trying to absorb all that I can, just this desire to keep collecting nuggets of knowledge that somehow will solve this puzzle.  It goes back to my desire to make the QR codes into something of a World Wide Rave.  So continuing on my marketing frenzy tomorrow I’m attending a sales and social marketing seminar at Restaurant Row in Honolulu.  It was a last minute invitation and I didn’t even know the title theme I just knew it was a business seminar and pow it turns out to be something along the lines of what I am in hot pursuit.  Stay tuned to see what all this translates into.  Right now I have zero readers, followers or eyes that have yet to read any of these posts.  Its a process of evolution and I am certain that there will be value offered within these posts because there is something to learn from someone who is a passionate student of this thing called marketing.  I desire to understand it because I desire to provide solutions to problems, marketing is communication with a solution.  No promises of highly intelligent proper writing techniques will be promised, so make of it what you please bad grammar and all.  Until next time fellow marketers, Aloha!  There is much work to be done in improving my writing and I will.

turtle bay

To Think is to create, be yourself

standing on the beach at Turtle Bay

Imagination brings forth reality

Marketing is marvelous!

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I’m a marketer

HI Life

What is within the imagination is possible

Its interesting when you finally narrow down and find out what you are ( as a job or career).  I have held many job titles ( newspaper boy for the Orange County Register, bag boy at Ralphs Grocery, work fries at In-N-Out Burger, combat medic US Army, recruiter Army National Guard, and small business owner of Tech Armor) but lately I’ve been reflecting and based on my current pursuits or interests its clear to me that I’m a marketer.  I’ve been skating around the title for years but now its clear to me.  Not long ago I believed I was an internet marketer since a large piece of my current success is attributed to the skills I apply online.  What changed this recently is my discovery and excitement over QR codes.  They apply to the physical world and give relevance to traditional marketing methods but infusing the advent of smartphone technology.  The bridge between the virtual and physical in real time.  I’m super excited about the possibilities of this technology that has actually been around since the mid 90’s.  I will talk more about this subject in future posts.

Let me finish this post by adding this hilarious and on point video from  By the way my posts will not have any rhyme or reason.  I am confident that you will find a fissure of informative knowledge and please share.  I’ve been called scatter brain so please bear with me in advance as I happen to be all over the place.  Let’s learn together regardless of how we may present our ideas as long as their is mutual respect.  Mahalo!

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Aloha World


Welcome to my blog.  This is my corner but like we say in Spanish “Mi Casa es tu casa”.  Make yourself comfortable and don’t be afraid to share ideas.  Marketing is the theme but I’m always open to any ideas because all thought can play a role in achieving our end goal.  Sometimes I change topics when looking for a specific piece of information or idea.  I could be reading about new tech gadgets but turn to art for inspiration or music.  I’m free to share what I think, what I know, and what I’ve learned.  Agree or disagree your feedback is welcome.  I hope that I can offer a few piece of valuable information.  I am hungry to learn and hungry to share.

Internet Marketer

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